Our Story

We all have baggage, but it’s how you carry it that matters.

Travelling today is not easy. It has become hectic and menacing. We’ve witnessed what had happened to the luggage over time and the toll it takes on the travellers who carry it. Whether travelling for leisure or business, one seeks comfort when away from home in the distant land. And most of the time, the luggage becomes a baggage, which eventually makes the travelling a tedious affair.

STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE was thus created after understanding all the discomforts of a modern traveller. Easy to carry and use, every piece of this luxury luggage is an amalgamation of style, design and durability with attention to each and every minute detail. Modern styling combined with elegant manufacturing, STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE is available in a range of fresh colours and modern materials, comfortably lightweight and easy to handle and move.

Only the best of material goes into the making of STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE. And when super rich features are added to it, expect only the best. The quality, the durability, the functionality, every piece of STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE is an epitome of perfection; a masterpiece for the modern-age globetrotter!


To become a global leader in creating high quality products with extraordinary style to suit our exclusive customers’ premium lifestyle.


We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by adopting continual improvement methods and reviewing periodically the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

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