Cancellation Policy

Edit or Cancelling of Your Order

Last Update December 13, 2017

If for any reason, you need to make a change to your order to let us know as soon as you can. We attempt to ship all orders as quickly as possible and send orders to our warehouses frequently. We try to accommodate all edit or cancel requests.However, please know that once an order is sent to the warehouse for processing we cannot always make changes. This includes changes to shipping address, changes in shipping speed, and changes to the items themselves (color/size changes, cancellations, etc…).

If a change is not able to be made and we cannot cancel an order, you are welcome to return any unwanted products FREE of charge for a different product or full refund (return policy details apply). In some cases, our package carriers are able to change a delivery address for a xx/- charge.

To contact us, please call a customer service professional at 1-800-0000000, or email us at:

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