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What could be better than launching your product on a runway? Stego Lifestyle launched their Dreamliner Series in a fashion show at Raja Bahadur Mills, Pune.

The models walked with the suitcases, which are made of Polycarbonate material. The Dreamliner series is available in 6 modern shades, all with a glossy finish. STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE is created after understanding all the discomforts of a modern traveller. Easy to carry and use, every piece of this luxury luggage is an amalgamation of style, design and durability with attention to each and every minute detail. Modern styling combined with elegant manufacturing, STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE is made of modern materials which makes it comfortably lightweight and easy to handle and move.

The quality, the durability, the functionality, every piece of STEGO LIFESTYLE LUGGAGE is an epitome of perfection; a masterpiece for the modern-age globetrotter! The patrons and people in the audience got to see the product first hand. The range is available in three different sizes, i.e. 20”, 26” & 29”, and comes in a glossy finish.

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