Set of 3 – Kohl Black

Set of 3 – Kohl Black


  • A set of 3 Bags, Cabin Size (20″), Medium Size (26″) and Large Size (29″)
  • Includes a set of Smart Packers for optimal space usage
  • Ultra durable and light Polycarbonate
  • Optimal interior capacity
  • 4 quiet, 360 degree swirling wheels
  • 2 integrated TSA combination locks


During the ancient times, women especially in Arabia and Egypt used Kohl to darken the edges of their eyelids. Black was never seen in the same fashion ever. It became a kohl trend and people across the continents began falling in love with this “Dark Shade of Grey”.

Stego Dreamliner set of 3 travel bags are carefully crafted for those who are suave and chic. The bags are designed from Polycarbonate, one of the strongest plastic available in the world. These bags can serve as business bags, if you’re on a mission to conquer the corporate world. It can even pose as a showstopper at airports if you wish to use it as a carry-on luggage. The 360° turning strong wheels makes moving around a cakewalk! Integrated in the case, the innovative TSA Lock is recognized around the world and can be opened without any damage during security checks.

Every Stego Product is: Water Resistant, Odor Resistant, Undergoes rolling road tests, Drop tests, Humidity and a temperature fluctuation test and therefore is easy to manoeuver.

A Set of 6 High Quality Fabric Packing Organizers for clothes, delicates, documents, shoes and toiletries that allow for optimum use of luggage space, keeping everything organized, hygienic and odor-free during all your travels. In short, you can call Stego Dreamliner a master-class designer of some of the best travel bags and one could easily say, these suitcase bags on wheels are quite an eye candy.

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Additional information

Model Number

SD629, SD626, SD620

Item Height

29 inch, 26 inch, 20 inch

Item Length

18 inch, 17 inch, 14 inch

Item Width

11 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch



No.of Wheels

4 with Split Design



Water Resistance

Water Resistant

Warranty Description

5 years of Warranty

Warranty Type


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